Danica McKellar Divorce Filing Is Seriously Depressing

Danica PatrickBy now you would think we'd be immune to the shock of short-lived Hollywood marriages. But Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years? Not her too! Oh yes, it's sad, but true -- Danica McKellar has filed for divorce from her husband, Mike Verta.

Sigh. This one is especially depressing I think because they seemed to have so much going for them. Sure she did those racy Maxim pics, but they weren't one of those couples out and about partying it up and being constantly snapped by the paparazzi. She's a math whiz for goodness sake, which probably doesn't have much to do with anything, but for some reason it makes it worse. Maybe because it seems like she'd be a bit more logical when it comes to love.

In any case, with the wholesome image of her burned so deeply into our minds, the idea of her divorcing is just difficult to compute.


The couple married in 2009, and have a 1 1/2-year-old son together named Draco. Now just three years later they're ready to walk away and call it quits.

I don't feign to believe everyone will get a happily ever after, but it's just so sad to me that something that's supposed to last forever can end so quickly. Their wedding song -- written by Verta -- was "Forever in Love With You," which makes it even sadder.

McKellar thanked fans for their support via Twitter: "Thank you so much for all your love and support during a tough time!" But so far, there's been no reason given for their split.

On the upside, according to People, they have a prenuptial agreement in place, so things shouldn't get too messy on that front. They also are reportedly seeking joint custody, so hopefully they can work out something amicable so that Draco doesn't caught up in the middle of something nasty. 

And just a little something else to ponder: Fred Savage's marriage still seems to be going strong, but the way Hollywood marriages work, there just could be a chance for Winnie and Kevin in the end after all. So I suppose there's at least that.

Are you surprised to learn that Danica McKellar is getting divorced?


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