John Travolta Can't Hide From Latest Gay Rumor of Affair With His Pilot

john travoltaThese John Travolta rumors are getting pretty crazy. One minute he's getting it on with a masseur, the next minute he's getting it on with a few masseurs, and now he's getting it on with his pilot. The National Enquirer, so, you know, grains of salt, interviewed Joan Edwards, Travolta's personal secretary from 1978 to 1994, and she had no problem outing John to the world. She's all, duh, yeah I knew he was gay and went on to explain that the Grease star had a six-year affair with his private pilot, Doug Gotterba. Then, Doug's ex-boyfriend got in on the action and told the tabloid that Doug confessed he had a sexual relationship with Travolta in the '80s.

And then there's talk of a gay sex tape and Brooke Shields.


Allegedly there's video of Travolta and Gotterba getting hot and heavy in a hotel room, and supposedly his "romance" with Brooke Shields way back in the day was a publicity stunt trying to make John seem, well, heterosexual.

If there's enough smoke, there's usually fire. Rumors have been circulating for decades about Travolta's sexuality and it seems like things are now coming to a head. Will he come out? Will he deny? Will hard-evidence surface? The only thing we can be certain of at this point is that this isn't the end of the accusations, this is probably just the beginning.

And for that, I feel a bit sorry for John. He's got a wife and kids and his cult church to answer to -- not us. If he's straight, gay, or bi, the only thing that really matters is that he feels comfortable being honest with himself and with his family.

He doesn't owe the public an explanation about his sexual preference. That said, a clarification on the matter of his toupee wouldn't be so bad.

Do you think these rumors are true?


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