Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Have the Makings of a Hollywood Power Marriage

liam hemsworth miley cyrusHey, y'all -- Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus is engaged! The ex-Disney star confirmed to People and her Twitter followers this morning that her studly BF of three years Liam Hemsworth put a Neil Lane ring on it. Awww!

But if anyone could "tame" the pop star, it seems like it had to be Liam. These two crazy kiddos actually have a lot more in common than both being young, successful, and good-looking. Here, six reasons Liam is the ying to her sassy yang, and thus, the two will make a perfect Hollywood power couple.

  1. They both come from famous families. Even more gorgeous than his little bro (IMHO, at least), Chris Hemsworth (who stars as the Huntsman in Snow White & the Huntsman) has made a major name for himself in Hollywood. Liam's bro Luke is also an actor. Similarly, Miley's dad, Billy Ray, has been both a successful country singer and actor for 20+ years. Looks like knowing how to play the fame game runs in their veins, and if they procreate, their kids will be in the biz too!
  2. They're both well-versed in the "job" of being famous. There's a reason it's tough for a celeb to marry a non-celeb. Being chased by paparazzi or written about in tabloids all the time can be grueling work. (I'm sure that might explain why Julia Roberts and her "regular" DH Danny Moder moved to New Mexico.) Thankfully, Liam's career has blossomed enough at this point that he and Miley are pretty much on the same page with this.
  3. Both Liam and Miley starred on kid TV shows ... about rock stars. Of course we know Miley was "world-famous pop star" Hannah Montana, but Liam starred in the Australian children's television show The Elephant Princess, playing "Marcus," the attractive lead guitarist of the protagonist's band.
  4. Neither is going to be up for an Oscar anytime soon. Let's face it -- Liam's stilted performance in The Hunger Games was cringeworthy, and Miley isn't exactly Rachel McAdams, but that's okay. They're both shiny objects to wave in front of tweens, so they'll still get cast in plenty of cheesy money-making rom-coms and action flicks!
  5. Both use their celebrity for good. Liam is an Ambassador of the Australian Childhood Foundation, which aims put a stop to child abuse and give children a life free of neglect and trauma. And among other causes, Miley supports the Libby Ross Foundation, which promotes early detection of breast cancer, as well as research to eradicate the disease and support programs for victims.
  6. Both are likely workaholics and party animals. We've seen proof of their wild sides, but given their close birthdates (Liam's a Capricorn, Miley's a Sag), I'd guess these two connect through similar astro profiles. They likely share a good deal of both adventurous, free-spirited Sag and hard-working Cap, meaning they both love to have a great time but will stop at nothing to be successful.

Do you think these two make the perfect Hollywood pair?

Image via Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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