'16 and Pregnant' Finale Special Recap: Kristina Is Moving WAY Too Fast

This season of 16 and Pregnant was one of the most heart wrenching and the worst of the girls was Kristina, the one whose fiance died after being swept out to sea in an undertow.

It was a nightmare story and anyone would love to see her happy. But she is engaged again. Just a few months after her fiance was killed! Apparently that has put her on bad terms with his family (his brother was married to her aunt) and who could blame them?

She is engaged again just months after losing her fiance and having a baby. It seems way too fast. She is not the only one, either.


There were Briana and Sara, the single moms and then there were the other ones who are still with their baby daddies. Worst of all, perhaps was Alex, whose baby daddy is a drug addict (as we saw clearly on the show) and could not even come on the show because of a "legal issue."

Who even knows what that is, but one thing is clear: Count on being a single mom if you get knocked up at 16 and go from there. Don't make your decisions with a boy in mind because chances are, he will leave.

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It is depressing and disheartening to see girls like this. In my life, the only young girls I know are educated, driven and ambitious. If they were pregnant at 16, they would not choose to have it.

So it is a different glimpse into a different kind of life for me. I don't understand it. I don't get how any girl could choose to alter her life at such a young age. As a mom, I know how hard it is and I can't imagine having done it any younger than I did at 28. And where I am from, 28 is very young to be a mom.

If any of these girls were my daughter, I would want them to think long and hard before choosing to have a baby with a teenage boy. It is sad and depressing and no matter how much we say, "not every girl is a statistic," we also know the statistics don't lie. These girls have an uphill battle. And they could have avoided the whole thing so easily.

Do you think Kristina should be engaged?


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