'Glee Project' Recap: The 5 Singers Worth Watching All Season

Glee Project Good news Gleeks. If you have a funny feeling of deja vu while you're watching season two of The Glee Project, you're not alone. Ryan Murphy needs new blood with all those graduating stars. And the "kids" vying for a shot on the cast of Fox's hit next year could fit into the band of misfits a McKinley even if they couldn't sing.

There's the girl in a wheelchair, the blind guy, the transgender kid, the kid with autism, the Muslim girl defying her strict parents ... And then it gets better.


They can sing. Even Maxfield, the first dude to get axed despite a sweet little story about how he wears a promise ring and wants to be nice to the ladies, did a killer turn on a Willie Nelson tune when he ended up in the bottom three. If he's that good and he's getting axed, that bodes well for the talent of the others, folks. The first season of the talent contest ended up with four kids getting their shots at Glee stardom because Murphy couldn't make up his mind, and if he's going to be just as indecisive this time around, he could do worse than some of the stand-outs this time around. 

So who's worth rooting for? Here's the short list:

Shanna: She won a nod from Lea Michele for her attempt at Lady Gaga. Is there any higher praise for a Gleek?

Abraham: He put off law school to pursue the entertainment route, and he is making it worth his while. He stole the show in the cast's first music video.

Aylin: She was almost out, but the Muslim girl whose strict parents didn't even know she'd kissed a boy until she announced it on national TV made David Guetta's Without You sound like it was written for. Ryan compared it to Lea Michele doing it, and he still thought she was worth keeping around. That's pretty high praise.

Mario: He might be blind, but he isn't just going to sing ... he is intent on learning the dance moves too. With willpower like that, there won't be much standing in his way.

Dani: Call me crazy, but I believe it's always the quiet ones you have to watch out for. She didn't do much this episode, although she skated right on through to a callback, but just call it my gut ... she's one to watch.

Who are you rooting for on The Glee Project this year?


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