Kris Humphries Only Looks More Desperate Dating Kim Kardashian’s ‘Twin’ (VIDEO)

Kris Humphries mystery brunette

If Kris Humphries is truly over Kim Kardashian, then he sure has a funny way of showing it. I mean, he won't shut up about her to the press, he constantly plays the victim card, and most recently, he was spotted hanging out on the beach in Miami with a woman who looked an awful lot like his soon-to-be ex-wife. (Even her sunglasses resemble a pair KK would wear!)

And even though sources say Kris isn't dating this mystery brunette -- I don't think it would really surprise anyone if he was trying to spark up a rebound romance with her. It's been quite a few months since he and Kim split, so it's about high time he got back on the dating bandwagon.


But if by some chance Kris really is more than just friends with this particular woman, he'd better be prepared for the media to absolutely tear him apart (understandably). Because dating someone who could potentially pass as your ex's twin is not just pathetic -- it's also a bit creepy.

Why on earth would you want to spend quality time with someone who constantly reminded you of the person you just broke up with? And never mind quality time -- why would you want to have intimate moments with them? The only possible reason I can come up with as to why Kris would hook up with this woman is because he isn't quite ready to move on from Kim. It's kind of like one last desperate attempt to rekindle a romance that was over before it even started.

Aww. Doesn't that almost make you feel kind of sorry for him? (Nah, not really.)

Check out this video to hear more about Kris's new gal pal.

Have you ever dated someone who looked like one of your exes?


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