Robert Pattinson Is Irresistible 'Naked' Even If He Doesn't Think So (VIDEO)

Robert Pattinson Bel Ami

Whether he's playing a vampire, veterinarian, social climber, or any other role for that matter, Robert Pattinson doesn't have to try very hard to be sexy. And it really doesn't matter what kind of words come out of his mouth, because they always sound deliciously good. But how much hotter would his voice be if he showcased his British accent a little more? Doesn't he realize just how irresistible accents from across the pond are?! (I'm sure KStew gets turned on by his.)

Apparently not -- because Rob admits that he's not so fond of his native dialect. Actually, he said he feels "naked" with his British accent (giggle), and adds that when he uses it, he "doesn't feel like he's really acting." Ok, I kinda get that one. If he's playing a British dude, then it really isn't a far cry from his real identity. (I guess?) But he also went on to say, "English things aren’t very good.” Huh. I wonder what exactly he meant by that statement? Because I beg to differ.


English things are plenty good -- especially when they come in the form of someone as handsome as Rob whispering sweet nothings in my ear while we sip afternoon tea in the garden. (I know -- I'm getting a little too carried away here.)

But seriously -- I know he isn't very fond of his natural voice, but I hope he'll reconsider using his accent on-screen at least once in a while. Before making any decisions against playing someone British, he should at least consider the desires of female movie lovers in the U.S. After all, we are some of his biggest fans -- and we deserve a little bit of voice candy, right?

Listen to Rob's accent in the trailer for Bel Ami -- isn't it super sexy?

Do you think Rob sounds better with his British accent or an American one?

Image via Bel Ami Facebook

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