Get Kate Middleton’s Perfect Eyebrows With These 5 Products

kate middletonRemember that time we all ran out and bought yellow dresses because Kate Middleton wore a yellow dress? And remember that time we forked over a small fortune for J. Brand jeans because Kate wore J. Brand jeans? And remember that time we all decided to get long-sleeved wedding gowns because Kate did? Now the latest way to keep up with all-things Kate is to copy her eyebrows. According to Grazia, brow product sales are up 60 percent since the Duchess' frons have been on the scene.

Soon I'll be asking you if you remember that time you thought pencil-thin brows were in when they really weren't, then you got inspired by Kate Middleton and decided to finally fill them in using one or all of these five amazing eyebrow products?


Photo via Chris Jackson/Getty

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