Get Kate Middleton’s Perfect Eyebrows With These 5 Products

kate middletonRemember that time we all ran out and bought yellow dresses because Kate Middleton wore a yellow dress? And remember that time we forked over a small fortune for J. Brand jeans because Kate wore J. Brand jeans? And remember that time we all decided to get long-sleeved wedding gowns because Kate did? Now the latest way to keep up with all-things Kate is to copy her eyebrows. According to Grazia, brow product sales are up 60 percent since the Duchess' frons have been on the scene.

Soon I'll be asking you if you remember that time you thought pencil-thin brows were in when they really weren't, then you got inspired by Kate Middleton and decided to finally fill them in using one or all of these five amazing eyebrow products?

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  • Maybelline Brush-On Powder, $6.50


    Walgreens, or any drug store, should carry.

    This is the stuff I use currently. It's cheap and it mostly does the trick. My only complaint is that it's a bit uneven, but that could be my fault. I tend to put it on on the subway platform. 

  • Diorshow Brow Styler, $29


    Buy at Sephora.

    This one's great because it goes on smooth and doesn't require any sharpening. It's a gel-like powder that does wonders for brows. Only problem is that it goes on a little thin. Multiple layers needed for the Kate Middleton effect.

  • Origins Just Browsing Eyebrow Shaper, $15


    Buy at Macy's.

    I like that this one does a little grooming while adding color. No need to look like Burt, people. Keep those brows full but coiffed.

  • Laura Mercier Brow Powder Duo, $24


    Buy at Bloomingdale's.

    I love me some color options. Shade your brows naturally with this product. Your brows are more two-toned than you may think.


  • Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil, $3


    Buy at

    If you're a brow-lover on a budg, this is the pencil for you. Doesn't get much more straightforward, or cheaper, than this.

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