Scout Willis' Arrest Is Not Demi Moore's Fault

Scout Willis arrestedYou guyyysss, Scout Willis was arrested last night in NYC with an open container & a fake ID and it looks like she's in truuuuh-ble, y'all! Cops charged her with two misdemeanors on Monday evening after she flashed them the fake in Union Square. But before you go pinning this on mom Demi Moore and saying how it was only a matter of time before the poor Willis girls lashed out in desperation, let me tell you something very, very important. This. Is. (Probably.) Not. About. Demi.

And since you're already listening, this isn't a cry for help, either. That's right, it's not. The girl is 20 years old and in college. Don't you remember when you were in your 20s, drinking cheap beer and using friends' -- or strangers' -- IDs to get into bars? Newsflash, folks: Scout's not doing anything different than most typical 20-somethings did when they were underage.


Maybe Scout could have been a bit more selective when deciding where to go, but hell, who cares. Scout's still a kid despite her high-profile mom Demi, dad Bruce, or former step-dad Ashton. And when she did get busted, she did the right thing. She was honest. She gave up the 8-ounce Pakistani beer she was drinking and told officers that her real name was Scout Willis and that she didn't know who Katherine Kelly -- the name on the fake -- was.

See? Not popping pills in the back of a bar going on and on about her Hollywood woes. Not shaving her head and smashing car windows with umbrellas. Not. About. Mom.

Just because she was busted for having a little foolish, harmless underage fun doesn't mean she's on a one-way train to Destruction-Town. All my favorite college memories are chock full of times I did something wrong, or mildly illegal, or really, really stupid. Sure I'd be singing a different tune if she was 14 and this was her third arrest this year. But come on! She's a student at Brown University, a talented singer, and my guess is she's just trying to have a little fun. Foolish fun but fun all the same.

Go on, Scout! Have your fun, drink your cheap beer. Just some advice for the future: skip the arrest and use a better fake.

Do you think Scout Willis is acting up or acting out?

Image via Andrew H. Walker/ Getty Images

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