Lindsay Lohan's Best Elizabeth Taylor Impression Is a Complete Illusion

lindsay lohan as liz taylorOh no. The Lifetime made-for-TV flick starring Lindsay Lohan as the late, great Elizabeth Taylor is truly happening. Dear Lord. Make. It. Stop. The scariest part so far? Lifetime has released the first official promo pic for Liz & Dick, and it's actually really impressive. Yup, that's really LiLo on the right (with Grant Bowler of True Blood as Richard Burton aka Dick). Can you believe it?! I seriously did about seven double-takes when I first saw it, too. At first glance, it could definitely be Liz. Frightening.

But is it any real indication of what we have to look forward to? Will Lindsay truly pull off a believable Liz throughout the film?


The short answer: Helllllll no! In fact, judging from the totally un-retouched photo obtained by TMZ, it looks like it's bound to confirm our worst fears. How can they even pose the Q of whether or not her appearance is uncanny or nonexistent? Give me a break. It's embarrassingly nonexistent. She didn't even bother to dye her hair a dark, almost-black brown? It's still auburn in the TMZ pic! At worst, she looks like she's Lindsay Lohan dressed up as Donna Reed for Halloween. At best, she looks like she's about to play Betty Draper's annoying little sister on Mad Men. But Elizabeth Taylor? No way. 

On the other hand, the promo pic is awesome and definitely haunting. Because only it's the right angle, the right makeup, in black and white helps, and above all, it's obviously a PhotoShop masterpiece. Let's be real: LiLo probably hasn't had non-drug addled baby smooth skin like that since she starred in The Parent Trap reboot.

And all you need is a quick glimpse at other embarrassing, unauthorized sneak peek pics emerging now to know Liz & Dick is destined to be a completely cringe-worthy mess. But hey, at least that photo editor over at Lifetime gets an A for effort!

Do you think LiLo will be able to pull off an accurate portrayal of Liz Taylor? What do you think of the promo pic?

Image via Lifetime

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