‘Game of Thrones’ Season 3 Wait Made Easier With 15 Series-Inspired Diversions

Game of Thrones season 3
I feel your rage, Theon.
Yes, it's true. I'm still geeking out over the season finale (and season 2 in general) of Game of Thrones. I'm not even embarrassed to admit it, the series is that nerd-tastically awesome. Season 3 will be just as epic. I recently finished reading A Storm of Swords and don't think I can wait until February 2013 to watch it come to life on my TV screen. Theon Greyjoy's angry face to the left has reflected mine as of late -- I want to see more! More Game of Thrones! What is dead may never die!!

So the question remains: What the heck am I supposed to do now?

Well, I was able to think of a few things -- and fellow Game of Thrones fans, I hope that this list helps tide you over until HBO graces us with season 3 next year. It's a start at least, right?


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  • Reread the books: Or at least get started on them. Over a thousand pages long each, this series could definitely keep you occupied until next year. Like I (and many others before me) have said, the third book alone is worth checking out.
  • Rewatch the series on Netflix/HBO Go: Now might be a good chance to rewatch season 1 since the frenzy of season 2 is over. Then of course you'd have to watch season 2 all over again. It'd be fun to see how much the characters have changed -- especially the kids.
  • Watch this Names spoof: You can't be the only one who can't keep track of all the NAMES in this series. This spoof may help you keep them straight, or just make you even more confused.
  • Decorate with one of these: Doesn't everyone want a huge, spikey throne in their boho chic living room?
  • Watch every other Peter Dinklage movie: Peter has shot to superstardom thanks to this series. But his handsome mug has been featured in everything from Elf to Death at a Funeral. Have a Peter Dinklage marathon -- just make sure there's plenty of wine, or Tyrion would be most upset.
  • Stalk the cast on Twitter: Here's an entire list just for you!
  • Get GoT swag: Show off your love of the series by buying up a whole bunch of Game of Thrones t-shirts and cups.
  • Tune in to the Emmy awards in September: Of course the show will be nominated! Let's hope Peter Dinklage wins again -- I think every single lead actor in the series is worthy of an award. The acting and special effects simply can't be ignored this year.
  • Cook up some medieval food: Yes, there's an official Game of Thrones cookbook called A Feast of Ice and Fire. From Tyroshi Honeyfingers to Mutton in Onion-Ale Broth to Cream Swans, reading about the feasts in the series will take on a whole new meaning.
  • Watch the nerdiest GoT video I've ever seen: This is the Game of Thrones soundtrack replicated by ... eight floppy drives. With Eddard Stark looking on. Seriously, you have to see it to believe it.
  • Play with official GoT swords: Ever wanted your own Needle or Ice? Don't roll your eyes -- some of these swords have actually sold out.
  • Check out the GoT game: Of course there's a role-playing game devoted to the series -- but you may want to check out the reviews beforehand, as they're not so good. But still, like me, you might be that desperate.
  • Study the GoT map: You could probably spend an entire summer exploring the world that George R. R. Martin created. If you are that obsessed, hey, more power to you!
  • Get a House Lannister or Baratheon tattoo: To promote season 2, HBO gave away GoT sigil tattoos in NYC. Talk about devotion! At least the sigils are pretty awesome looking.
  • GoT theme via squeaky dog toys: I said it. I think the direwolves will be happy with this one, don't you?

I know, this probably won't be enough to get me through either. But at least it's a start, and hopefully will help my Game of Thrones hangover until then. If only I had my own direwolf to keep me company ...

What will you do until season 3? Can you wait until February 2013?

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