8 Celebrities Who Were Way Cooler Before Our Kids Knew Them (PHOTOS)

steven tylerRemember when Steven Tyler was a rock star?

That was then, this is now ... when the man we once knew for his trademark howl on hits like "Love in an Elevator" is known to our kids as "that guy on American Idol who did the Burger King commercial."

Of course, Tyler's certainly not the only celeb who's currently famous for a very different reason than what made him a star in the first place.

And you don't have to be a parent to know what it feels like when somebody born in a very different decade reacts to your outdated cultural reference with what can only be described as baffled awe: Really?! That guy, like, won Grammys and stuff?

(Yes Virginia, there is an Aerosmith.)

And sadly, that list just keeps getting longer ...

Remember what these guys were like back in the day?!

Bet they weren't expecting to turn out like this!

Image via Alan Moore/Flickr

  • Ozzy Osbourne


    Image via focka/Flickr

    You know him as the badass, bat head-biting frontman for Black Sabbath ... these kids today think of him as Kelly Osbourne's mumbling dad. Oh yeah, he did some commercial with Justin Bieber too. Sharon!!!

  • William Shatner


    Image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr

    Once upon a time, he was Captain Kirk. Now William Shatner is the Priceline Negotiator. Actually, he's not the Priceline Negotiator anymore, either. He just ... is.

  • Madonna


    Image via David_Shankbone/Flickr

    She used to be the Material Girl ... now she's That Lady From the Super Bowl. Oh, Madge.

  • Al Gore


    Image via World Economic Forum/Flickr

    As Vice President under Bill Clinton, Al Gore kind of took a backseat to certain headline-grabbing scandals. Now the man is a Nobel Peace Prize-winning environmental crusader. Who knew? (Bonus points for anyone under the age of 20 who can identify the dude sitting next to Gore.)

  • Kirstie Alley


    Image via ABC

    Here's an imaginary conversation between somebody who remembers Cheers and somebody who doesn't:

    Hey, do you know what Kirstie Alley used to do for a living?

    That lady from Dancing With the Stars? Yeah, she did Weight Watchers commercials.

    No, before that.

    Uh, Pier 1 commercials?

    No, before that.

    Uh, nothing.

  • Arsenio Hall


    Image via NBC

    Quick, name that late night TV show: "Woo, woo, woo!" If you didn't say The Arsenio Hall Show, you probably never knew why that guy who won Celebrity Apprentice was even on a show with the word "celebrity" in the title.


  • Gary Busey


    Image via andrey lunin/Flickr

    Before Celebrity Rehab and Celebrity Apprentice, before all the fright night mug shots, before he ... looked like this, Gary Busey was in movies. Good ones, even. Like Lethal Weapon and Point Break and The Firm. Yeah. I don't know what else to say. Shudder.

  • Steven Tyler


    Image via Alan Moore/Flickr

    And here we are again, right back where we started. Please promise us one thing, Steven Tyler: No more plastic surgery. NO MORE!

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