8 Celebrities Who Were Way Cooler Before Our Kids Knew Them (PHOTOS)

steven tylerRemember when Steven Tyler was a rock star?

That was then, this is now ... when the man we once knew for his trademark howl on hits like "Love in an Elevator" is known to our kids as "that guy on American Idol who did the Burger King commercial."

Of course, Tyler's certainly not the only celeb who's currently famous for a very different reason than what made him a star in the first place.

And you don't have to be a parent to know what it feels like when somebody born in a very different decade reacts to your outdated cultural reference with what can only be described as baffled awe: Really?! That guy, like, won Grammys and stuff?

(Yes Virginia, there is an Aerosmith.)

And sadly, that list just keeps getting longer ...


Remember what these guys were like back in the day?!

Bet they weren't expecting to turn out like this!

Image via Alan Moore/Flickr

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