Ryan Seacrest Hit on Julianne Hough in Front of Her Boyfriend

ryan seacrestOh, ladies, ladies .... there's a lot to be confused about when it comes to dating, but there is one thing a woman should never be confused about, and that is knowing when a guy is initially interested in her. I have to laugh when some of my female friends say, "It's been a week and I haven't heard from that guy I gave my number to at the bar. Should I call him? Is he interested?" Well, go ahead and call him. Why not? But he's not interested. Because even if he lost your number, he would go through the phone book and call every chick with your name. He would try every single woman who even resembles you on Facebook. He would move boulders, rearrange planets, go back to that bar every single night for five years, and do whatever is necessary to GET IN TOUCH. That's the way guys are. Take Ryan Seacrest for example. Yeah, Ryan Seacrest! Does he seem like an alpha male to you? Naw. But even Ryan pulled an alpha move when he met the girl of his dreams, Julianne Hough.


Julianne told Glamour magazine that she first met Ryan on his radio show, when she came on with her boyfriend at the time, Chuck Wicks. And what did Ryan do? He spent the entire interview flirting with her and hitting on her. In front of her boyfriend! Yeah, ol' Ry wasn't going to let a little boyfriend action get in the way of letting Julianne know he was hot for her. Says Julianne:

The interview's on YouTube, and I blush when I hear it because Ryan is hitting on me the entire time! At the end, Ryan said something like, 'You guys really have something special!' And I thought to myself, He's so full of sh-t right now!

Yeah, she knew Ryan was macking on her. And you can bet Chuck knew it too. Not surprisingly, those two didn't last much longer. And five months later, Julianne agreed to a date with Ryan. They've been a couple ever since.

When it comes to guys, He's Just Not That Into You has it right. If you're doing a big song and dance, wondering why a guy hasn't asked you out, save your energy. Guys are pretty much wired to chase you if they're interested. I remember one guy I met at a party. I only gave him my first name (which is a weird one, and I didn't spell it for him) and I didn't know anyone else at the party. Yet, somehow, this guy managed, within the course of 12 hours, to figure out my name and find me on Facebook and ask me out. I never asked him how. Maybe he hired a private detective or a psychic. Doesn't matter. He's a guy. This is what guys do. Yep, even the shy ones.

Now, just because a guy goes to great lengths to get your attention in the beginning doesn't mean he's going to marry you, or even stick around very long. But that initial interest? He will let you know, believe me!

Do you think guys will always chase you if they're interested?

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