Christian Bale's Sweet Heath Ledger Breakdown Makes Us Love Him Again (VIDEO)

christian baleAwww!

As far as I'm concerned, Christian Bale just made up for that psychotic Terminator Salvation rant: The former Batman cried onstage -- real tears! -- at the MTV Movie Awards Sunday night. And it wasn't one of the usual "somebody crying at an awards show" moments, either (meaning Bale didn't get all choked up while thanking everybody from his personal savior to his mama for their support).

It's the reason why Bale got emotional that really gets me.
Bale was there to introduce the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises alongside Gary Oldman and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Bale is replaced in the sequel by Tom Hardy). Before the trailer, MTV played a few key scenes from the first Dark Knight ... in which Christian Bale co-starred with Heath Ledger as The Joker ...


And that's when Bale broke down.

Awww. You've gotta feel for the guy. He and Ledger must have seriously bonded while filming The Dark Knight. Bale is clearly still grieving for his friend.

And you've gotta appreciate how much of an impact the friendship made on Bale -- and the fact that his public sorrow gives the rest of us permission to mourn Ledger's loss, even if it's not "breaking news" anymore.

For me, this very human display of sensitivity completely cancels out any erratic behavior from Bale's past.

Have you ever felt the way Christian Bale did at the MTV Movie Awards? What did you think when you saw him break down?

Image via MTV

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