Kate Middleton Steals Kim Kardashian's Style & Totally Shows Her Up

kate middletonI never thought I'd see the day where Kate Middleton took style cues from one of the Kardashians -- but it looks as though it actually happened. (Or did it?) Kate chose this simple, pleated red dress by Alexander McQueen for Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee -- and she looked absolutely stunning as usual. But it turns out the frock wasn't exactly an original creation, because Kim Kardashian wore the same dress back in 2011.

And typically when a celeb steps out wearing something that's already been worn by another high profile lady, people give her a hard time for being a copycat. But this is Kate Middleton we're talking about. And even though Kim wore the dress first -- Kate is obviously the one who stole the spotlight. (Duh.)


Because even when she plays it safe and goes for a bit of a demure look, Kate still turns heads and makes everyone wish they had a fraction of her fashion sense.

Kim, on the other hand, looks pretty gorgeous most of the time too, but she tends to stay more on the sexy side of the spectrum, as you can see by the way she wore the same dress last year. Hers, of course, was much shorter, and also sleeveless.

kim kardashian

And while Kate would've looked red hot had she gone for Kim's cut of the frock, I can't help but think Queen Elizabeth would've been slightly appalled at how much of her thighs were exposed. (It's her party and she'll get judgy if she wants to.)

Sarah Burton is the McQueen designer behind the dress, and she was also responsible for Kate's Royal Wedding gown. She created the piece with the knee-length hemline and long sleeves, so I'm guessing she didn't have the Kim Kardashian version in mind when she first came up with the concept. I wonder what she thinks of Kim's alterations?

And even though Kim technically wore the dress first, it's much more likely that she was the one who copied Kate's style -- considering she turned up wearing it after the Royal Wedding.

Who do you think looked better in the dress -- Kate or Kim?

Image via Chris Jackson/Getty/Image via Splash

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