Jim Carrey Won't See Ex Jenny McCarthy's Autistic Son & Maybe He's Right

jenny mccarthyWe all know that break-ups can be tough on the couple. But they can also wreak havoc on the children involved, whether the kids are the biological children of the couple or step-children or, in the case of Jim Carrey and his ex-girlfriend Jenny McCarthy, a child who became very attached to his mommy's bf. According to Jenny, her 10-year-old son, Evan, is in therapy to get over losing Jim. Jenny says that despite asking several times for Jim to keep in touch with Evan, he refuses.


Jenny dated Jim for five years, and they started just after Jenny's son was diagnosed with autism. The couple split two years ago, and Jim apparently has refused to see Evan since then. "The kid's in therapy over it," Jenny told Howard Stern. "Hopefully they will cross paths again." Jenny says that she shows Evan some of Jim's movies to help him cope with his loss. Hm, really? Is this actually helping the kid? Watching Jim in Mr. Popper's Penguins and then not having him around in real life? Well, what do I know. I've never dated a movie star. Maybe Jim is channeling his character in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and had Evan erased from his memory.

We probably all want to jump down Jim Carrey's throat right now, but none of us know what precipitated the break-up. Perhaps, whatever it was, it's simply too traumatic for Jim to see either Jenny OR Evan. And I doubt you can get one without the other. Maybe hanging out with Evan will just remind Jim of everything he's lost. Should he man up and do it for the sake of the kid? Maybe. But maybe it would just make things worse.

The reality is that break-ups are called that for a reason. They break you apart. They break apart your partner. They break apart families. In an ideal world, all break-ups would be amicable, and all kids would come out of them unscathed. But that isn't the world we live in. So let's not judge Jim, as we don't have all of the facts.

Do you still have a relationship with an ex's kid?

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