'Glee' Star Dianna Agron Says Kissing Girls Is Fun (VIDEO)

Dianna Agron GLAAD kissIf the lengthy Glee hiatus has you down and out, you could use some good news. Summer has freed the stars up to do the sorts of things that make us love them as much as their characters. And when Dianna Agron played host of the GLAAD Media Awards this past weekend, her Gleek flag was flying high.

The actress who plays Quinn Fabray put her kiss up for auction. And even cooler: Agron risked the inevitable "lesbian" rumors that float through Hollywood when she made it clear she'd lock lips with anyone -- regardless of gender -- as long as they anted up funds to benefit the LGBT advocacy organization! The way she tells it?


Kissing girls is fun! She's done it before, so she should know! And she had no problem "risking" it again.

Clearly this is a woman who doesn't just play a role on TV. Check out the lip lock ... with a dude:


Awesome right? Agron obviously believes in the Glee message: one of acceptance for everyone, regardless of their background.

It's not without risk that she takes on the advocacy role in public, especially in the LGBT arena. Despite her statement that she's kissed girls before, Agron is straight and has had to come out before specifically to shoot down rumors about her sexuality.

No doubt this will start them all over again. The world sees gay-friendly and automatically assumes homosexual. It's too bad -- not because being labeled gay is negative but because it takes the attention off many of these famous peoples' raw talents. Look at Queen Latifah. Everyone's so busy screaming, "Wait, is she? isn't she?" that I'm not even sure I can think of her last project. And she is an incredible talent (you did see Chicago, right? And you're not deaf?). 

But here's all we need to know about Dianna Agron. She's the real deal in every sense of the word! And she isn't afraid to show it.

How does that lip lock affect your feelings about Dianna? Did she just jump up the list of favorite Glee stars?


Image via GLAADmedia/YouTube

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