Miss Ohio Picks 'Pretty Woman' as Her Role Model & It's Not So Surprising

miss ohio usaLet's face it, as much as beauty pageants such as Miss USA are promoted as being about women who are smart and talented, as well as beautiful, there's still a reason there's a bathing suit portion of the competition. And that's because pageants are, at heart, still mostly about beauty. And beauty does not always equal brains.

Last night's Miss USA pageant proved this once again, when one of the top five finalists, Miss Ohio, was asked by judge Marilu Henner whether women in movies and on television are depicted in an "accurate and positive way." Perhaps it is telling that Miss Ohio, trying to come up with an example of a positive female role model in the media, came up with a whopper: Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.


Said Miss Ohio about Julia's character, who plays a prostitute in the classic 1990 film:

She was having a rough time. But she came out on top. She didn't let anyone stand in her path.

Er, stand in her path of what exactly, Miss Ohio? In the movie, Roberts starts off as a prostitute, but ends up as the girlfriend of a multimillionaire. It's not like Roberts' character decides she'll go back to school. Or that she'll get a different job. Or even that she'll proudly dedicate herself to being a self-sufficient sex worker. Nope. She just becomes a gold-digger -- albeit one that seems truly in love with her sugar daddy.

So maybe this was just nerves on the part of Miss Ohio, Audrey Bolte, who hadn't competed in a pageant before winning her title. But maybe, just maybe, it IS that difficult to think of positive female role models on TV or the movies. I write about entertainment, and examples aren't coming easily to me either. Some of the female detectives on the Law & Order franchise? What are their names? As for movies, maybe, uh, Angelina Jolie in Mr. & Mrs. Smith? I mean, she's only a hit woman. Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games? She's trying to kill people too. Bella Swan in Twilight? Haha. Kidding. Hm. I'm starting to feel for Miss Ohio.

I think I need some help here. Who are your favorite positive female role models in TV or movies?

Image via NBC/5minMedia

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