MTV Movie Awards Pits 'Twilight' vs. 'Hunger Games': Which One Wins? (VIDEO)

twilight mtv movie awardsWhat were the MTV Movie Awards all about? I'll tell you: Vampires vs. Starving Teenagers. Russell Brand may have been hosting, but the real star of the show was the sizzling rivalry between Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 and The Hunger Games. Those two flicks snatched up the lion's share of the awards. 

And the award goes to: Twilight! Hunger Games! Twilight! Hunger Games! I kept waiting for Jennifer Lawrence to pop up out of the audience, pwn Kristen Stewart with an arrow, and run off with yet another Golden Popcorn (it's metal, Katniss -- you can't eat it). So who came out ahead? Let's take a look.


Team Hunger Games:

Best Male Performance for Josh Hutcherson -- huh? He was fine, I guess. I can see how he beat Channing Tatum in The Vow (snort) but Ryan Gosling was way more deep and angsty while killing people in Drive.

Best Female Performance for Jennifer Lawrence. Obviously.

Best Fight for Jennifer and Josh vs. Alexander Ludwig. Ooh, that was a good one -- the last battle of the Games! But how did it beat Channing and Jonah's fight with the Kid Gang in 21 Jump Street?

Best On-Screen Transformation for Elizabeth Banks/Effie Trinket. Elizabeth graciously thanked her transformation team (hair and makeup, whup whup) but not before nearly asphyxiating in a pheromone haze of Fireman Stripper Channing Tatum Matthew McConaughey la la la, where was I?

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Team Twilight:

Best Kiss. Bless her heart, KStew also wins for most awk acceptance speech ever. I think I like her better when she's not talking because Robert is attached to her mouth. Every time Bella and Edward kiss, a new star is born and a rainbow appears in a secret rain forest in Bali and we get that much closer to resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, so clearly these two had to win this award.

Movie of the Year. Damn, does that trump everything else? I mean, Hunger Games took home twice as many awards but Breaking Dawn took home the Holy Grail. That's worth at least three awards, right? It's a draw! And somewhere a Gamemaker has just lost his life.

Which movie did you like better, Breaking Dawn I or Hunger Games?


Image via MTV

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