Real Housewife Taylor Armstrong's Engagement Ring Belongs on eBay

Taylor Armstrong of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is famous for her rocky marriage that ended tragically amid accusations of abuse when her husband Russell Armstrong committed suicide last year. Now the lies in their relationship AND in his business dealings are unraveling and Taylor is paying for it all. The latest is that her $250,000 diamond engagement ring has gone on the auction block on eBay. She'd had to hand it over to a company who is now selling it in order to settle some debts.

There is no doubt that this is depressing. Armstrong had said she wanted to keep the ring to give to her 6-year-old daughter Kennedy. But with her debts, that is simply not possible.

It's sad, but it's necessary. For many reasons.


I do think there is something sacrosanct about engagement and wedding jewelry. Most of us do plan on giving those to our children, even in the case of divorce and especially in the case of death.

But in Taylor's case, maybe getting rid of it will help her move on. Symbolically (and literally), it will stop weighing her down. The ring is worth at least $250,000, though it may fetch more. But the money isn't the point.

In any bad marriage that ends, the jewelry of it becomes an anchor to that old relationship. Some women have new jewelry made, but the stories I have heard of women who auctioned theirs off and used the profit to splurge on themselves are often the most empowering.

Take a piece of jewelry he gave you and turn it into something you gave yourself and one can see why that would be a move that might help a woman move on. And no one needs to move on more than Taylor Armstrong.

Anything she can do to pull away from Russell and his bad decisions is good for her healing, so I say good riddance to the very expensive piece of jewelry they clearly couldn't afford anyway. As much as she is letting go of the ring, she may also (hopefully) be letting go of the way of thinking that valued appearing to be wealthy above everything else.

Do you think Taylor should have tried harder to keep the ring?


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