'Sister Wives' Recap: Meri's Sad Secret Changes Everything (VIDEO)

kody meriWell, they went and did it again!

Those dang Sister Wives went and made me have an emotional reaction to their lives that makes it really hard to merely roll my eyes at King Kody and his modern-day harem. Even MORE shocking, last night's episode actually got me thinking that maybe another baby wouldn't be the worst thing for the Browns. (Who, just for the record, already have 842 children. Approximately.)

Because I used to think that the main reason why Meri wanted another baby was because she's the only wife with just one kid (well, Robyn only has one kid with Kody so far, but she's new, so that's different).

But after watching Meri open up about a devastating loss, I realized I was wrong ...


See, four years ago, Meri had a miscarriage. Which was especially tragic and heartbreaking because it was the first and only time Meri managed to conceive in 12 years of trying (following the birth of daughter Mariah).

"We were so excited," said Meri, her eyes overflowing.

Watching that raw pain, it suddenly occurred to me: Meri wants another baby simply because she wants another baby. Not because she's trying to keep up with the other wives. She's like any other woman struggling with infertility. And that's sad.

Makes me wonder if maybe she's seriously considering Robyn's surrogacy offer. Of course, considering the loan officer's bad news (adjacent houses not happening), maybe the Browns have enough on their plate at the moment.

Do you think it would be a good idea for Meri to accept Robyn's offer?

Image via TLC

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