It's Not Pippa Middleton's Fault She's Stealing the Royals' Show

pippa middletonThis hasn't exactly been Pippa Middleton's year. Oh sure, after her derriere she made a splash at the royal wedding a little more than a year ago now, she became an insta-celeb. But she's also become a gossip staple, struggled in love, and just a couple of months ago, found herself swept up in a gun-toting scandal in Paris. And apparently, big sis Kate Middleton is not amused, according to Brit tabloid Now magazine. Now, in the wake of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, Kate has reportedly pleaded with Pippa not to do anything that will embarrass her when she joins the royals aboard the Elizabethan, a replica paddle steamer that will be in the Thames flotilla for the celebration. Ouch!

Rumor has it Kate's concerned that Pippa could make a scene in a slew of different ways.


Now's source says:

The one thing the Royals don't want is over-the-top behavior. They know the world's obsessed with Pippa's bottom and any madcap move or embrace with Prince Harry could be blown out of proportion. Headlines about Pippa's posterior would not go down well with senior Royals and Kate's very anxious that she doesn't let her down again.

Okay, hold the phone! I can understand the part about not wanting "over-the-top behavior," like wild partying, drinkin', druggin', etc. (which I can't even envision occurring whilst aboard a float with the Queen!). But how can Pippa herself curb the public's obsession with her bottom?! What does this mean ... Is she not allowed to bend over at any possible point or turn her back to a camera unknowingly? Must she wear some kind of extremely long, flared skirt so as to be sure her bum isn't showcased in any way, shape, or form? Puhh-leease! Also, while not as ridiculous, getting all worked up about Pippa being friendly with Prince Harry is also going too far. (Oh no -- what if a trashy tabloid gets a body language expert to confirm their quick hug means they're totally having sex?!)

It's just plain silly to think that Pippa somehow has control over headlines that happen to be "stealing the show" from more important matters. Like instead, magazines are going to be writing about what pillbox hat the Queen wore or how Kate sipped tea but abstained from the cucumber sandwiches. Crazy! And so uptight.

Then again, I guess the royals aren't exactly known to be a laidback crowd. So maybe it shouldn't come as that much of a shock that they're keeping such a close eye on Pippa and tweaking out about potential bad behavior. But that doesn't make it any less of a shame that they might be villanizing her for things that are completely out of her hands.

Do you think Pippa deserved a warning?

Image via Gotcha Images/Splash News

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