'Glee's Biggest Star Causes Absolute Chaos on 'Glee Project' Premiere (VIDEO)

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Now that the season finale of Glee has come and gone, it's only natural that we dive right into all of the gleektastic goodness that is The Glee Project. I know I know, it's not as good -- but Glee was SO much better this past season because of it, right? I could stare into Samuel Larson's eyes all day LONG. Ow ow!

Season two of The Glee Project premieres Tuesday, June 5 on Oxygen -- and the latest crew of 14 contestants were given the surprise of their lives when a super special guest popped in to say hello. There were screams. There were tears. Heck, there were even some shrieks. Let me tell you, the first time I saw this superstar -- I shrieked, too.

Read on to find out who stops by.


Let's roll a clip, shall we?

Oh well hey there, Lea Michele.

I know I know, everyone has their own personal favorite from the show. I'll be honest, Lea really isn't mine (Dianna Agron ALL THE WAY). But there's really no arguing that Lea Michele has probably found the most success from her time on Glee. Automatically when people see her face, they think Glee. When you hear her voice, you know it's hers. And damn straight, if Lea walks into a room (especially if you want to BE her) -- you epically freak out. 

I can only imagine how pumped those Glee project contestants were, knowing they they were going to work with her and hear her advice. I'm just looking forward to seeing them all take on Lady Gaga's "Born This Way," personally.

What member of the Glee cast would you absolutely kill to meet?


Image via Oxygen

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