Kim Kardashian Is Doing 'Drop Dead Diva' Just to Make You Like Her (VIDEO)

Kim KardashianI have to admit, I really feel bad for Kim Kardashian these days. No matter how hard she tries to fix her reputation, people are just not buying it. Dating Kanye West? It's probably another sham. Donating your wedding gifts to charity? It's probably another sham.

So what does Kim do? Damage control. That's right, our little Kimmy is guest starring on Drop Dead Diva playing an actual character in at least three episodes. And get this: her character is a "relationship guru" who gives advice to friends. She is like, soooo relatable now you guys! So, do you forgive her for lying to everyone about her huge sham marriage and screwing people out of millions of dollars now? Guys?

You've got to see this...


Okay, so she isn't exactly winning any Oscars, but am I wrong to think that wasn't half bad? Before you judge me for saying that, let's put this into perspective. This is coming from a girl who's only been responsible for playing herself, looking pretty, and spitting out lines like, "Oh my God, Mom, like you are ridiculous." You can't hate on the girl for trying.

The bottom line is, if Kim wants to appear more likeable, then this is the way to do it. Getting an actual acting job, even if it's only three episodes, shows she's a much richer and better looking version of a normal human being. She had to memorize lines! She had a call time! Granted, I'm sure she had a full on spa day to relax after those grueling days on set, but still! It gives people a chance to see her in a brand new light.

If you're interested in seeing Kim on a television channel other than E!, check out the episode premiering June 3 on Lifetime. I wonder if Kris Humphries will tune in?

Do you think Kim's new gig on Drop Dead Diva could help her reputation?

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