The Green Lantern Is Gay & Saves the Fabulous Day

The Green Lantern, a DC Comic character who has been around since 1940, has just come out. I don't mean the comic book issue has come out, I mean The Green Lantern has come out. Yep, he's gay. Alan Scott, the superhero's regular dude persona, is a gay media mogul. Seriously, I always thought it would be Batman, didn't you?


Now, it does get kind of complicated here. Unless you are an ardent fan of DC Comics, I don't know how you keep track of all this stuff. But Alan Scott, the gay Green Lantern, is different from Hal Jordan, the (straight) Green Lantern played by Ryan Reynolds in the movie. He's also different from the (straight) Alan Scott Green Lantern who is married with two kids.

But, who cares if any of this makes sense, the point is that there's a gay superhero. Able to leap tall buildings, or whatever it is the Green Lantern does. Also, the comic's writer, James Robinson, has already penned what he believes will be the first superhero gay kiss. Bam! Pow! Aww.

But this isn't the first time gay characters have been introduced in comics. There's a gay "mutant hero" in Marvel Comics who just proposed to his boyfriend. And Batwoman has been a lesbian for awhile.

I think it's great for kids, or adults, or for whoever reads this stuff, to read about gay superheroes. As the Green Lantern might say (and, yeah, I had to look this up): "In the fiercest day, in the wear black at night, no evil shall escape my Prada sunglasses wearing sight. Let those who worship evil's might, beware my fabulous power, and work it, girl, GREEN LANTERN'S LIGHT!"

That's a joke, everyone. I know the Green Lantern won't go around saying stuff like that. Though I wish he would.

What do you think of Green Lantern coming out?


Image via Facebook/DC Comics

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