Awesome 'Call Me Maybe' Covers Will Take You to Pop Music Heaven (VIDEO)

E!'s fashion police cover call me maybe
E!'s 'Fashion Police' cover 'Call Me Maybe'
So I know I'm late to the party, but I've been adoring Carly Rae Jepsen's ginormous hit "Call Me Maybe." It's being called the perfect pop song for good reason. It's just such an earworm, and a welcome one at that, because it plasters a smile on your face. The music video has to be one of my faves as of late, too. (The gay twist at the end -- classic!) But the fun hasn't stopped there.

You know about the lip-dub Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, and Ashley Tisdale, etc. made, right? How 'bout the one starring Katy Perry? Or James Franco? E's Fashion Police! The adorable Harvard baseball team or the talented SMU lady rowers? How about countless others (from grandmas to cheerleaders, toddlers to an amazing young drummer without arms) who have made their own lip-dub or cover vids to the track? Well, if you've missed any of them -- have no fear, because the ULTIMATE mash-up supercut video -- featuring 75 clips! -- is here.  


This awesome PopDust "supercut" video catches the best of the best "Call Me Maybe" clips ...

How cute is that?! AH! See what I mean about the plastered smile. How can you NOT have one after seeing this video? Obviously the the real reason the song is such a hit is that anyone can relate to that simple but nerve-wracking moment when you're into someone, and trying to gauge whether or not they're into you, and you're attempting to make a move ... in the smoothest way possible. Rrrright.

Or maybe it's just that we all love an incredibly catchy pop song about love at first sight. When we see a supercut like this, filled with so many other people loving the same pop tune, we're reminded that we're not alone. And what's not to love about that?

Are you still totally into this song? What's your favorite "Call Me Maybe" lip-dub clip?

Image via POPDUST/YouTube

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