Kathie Lee Gifford Forgets Martin Short's Wife Is Dead in Cringeworthy Live TV Interview (VIDEOS)

kathie lee talks to martin short today show

Poor, poor Martin Short. The 62-year-old actor stopped by Today this morning to promote his newest movie, Madagascar 3. In true live TV fashion, something went seriously wrong. No no no, we're not talking about a wardrobe malfunction or, eeeek, passing gas. Host Kathie Lee Gifford asked him how things are going with his wife Nancy Dolman. The only problem? Nancy passed away in 2010 from ovarian cancer.

Wait 'til you see it, truthfully the whole exchange could have been a lot more awkward. Upon being asked how many years they've been married, Martin said somberly 36. To the person who had no idea (i.e., Kathie Lee), one would have thought everything was just peachy. Kathie Lee learning post-interview about her mistake? Yeah, not so peachy. THEN owning up to it immediately afterward and apologizing on national television? Yeahhhh, I bet she wanted to DIE.

Watch it all go down, here:


First things first, the initial exchange:

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Woof. He handles it SO smoothly. I'm sure any questions about his wife are hard for him to answer, especially unexpected ones on a live television news show. Now, for Kathie Lee's apology:

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Eeeek. It's sad for me to say this because I'm a longtime fan of Today, but this really is a horrible example of poor journalism. Yes, people make mistakes. However, anyone with access to a computer could Google Martin Short and find out about his wife's passing. I would think Kathie Lee would have done a bit more investigating before Martin headed on the show. Lucky for her, he handled it VERY well. 

Hey, what's done is done. To be real, though, this mostly just makes me a whole lot more excited for Madagascar 3. Anyone else?

What did you think of Kathie Lee's live flub?


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