Katie Couric Shouldn’t Underestimate the Power of Snooki

katie couricKatie Couric is baaack. The former news anchor and Today show personality hosted 20/20 last night and sat down with a bunch of royals. Call it an amuse bouche, if you will, because soon, as in September 10, her syndicated talk show will start airing nationwide. The hour-long program will come on somewhere between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. and Katie admitted that she'd love to have Kate Middleton, or better, Amanda Knox on her show. Nothing like a Duchess and a woman found innocent of cold-blooded murder to really drum up the ratings. But the one person Couric doesn't want on her show? Snooki.

Diss. She said:


I don’t think I’m necessarily going to have Snooki. I like [Snooki], and she’s cute and everything, and I think it’s funny that people find her interesting. That’s great. But that’s probably not going to be first and foremost on our show.

I can understand why Couric wouldn't want to kick off her show with the Jersey Shore princess, but I think Katie's underestimating the power of the poof. She says she finds it "funny that people find her interesting," but I think it's interesting that people find her funny. There's a lot about Snooki that I find infinitely fascinating. I mean, anyone who was able to reach her kind of stardom without any orthodox talent is more than a little intriguing.

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The sooner Couric realizes that there are thoughtful people who are interested in hearing Snooki's feelings regarding how and why she was able to catapult herself to celebrity status, the sooner her show will be a success. You can't turn your nose up at a significant part of pop culture just because you don't understand it.

Couric went on to say that she's "not above" talking about the Kardashians or the Jersey Shore, but something tells me she doesn't quite grasp the hold reality stars like Kim K. and Snooki have on the nation. There's a reason someone decided to put them on T.V., and there's a reason they became household names overnight. I, for one, would be interested in learning how a pint-sized high school cheerleader from Marlboro, New York became a national obsession.

And if Katie Couric could bring us that news, all the better.

Do you think Katie Couric should have Snooki on her show?


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