Kim Kardashian Stupidly Stops Kanye From Seeing Rihanna

kim kardashianThere is nothing more attractive than an insecure, jealous woman. What's that? Oh, sorry. I meant to say there's nothing more attractive than a confident woman. And unfortunately it sounds like Kim Kardashian isn't one of those confident babes! In fact, rumor has it that Kim is so insecure about her publicity stunt romance with Kanye, she won't allow him to have female friends. Especially ones like Rihanna, whom Kim supposedly barred from visiting Kanye in his dressing room. Which, to be honest, I kind of get. But, Kim, you are fighting a losing battle, m'girl.


A certain amount of jealousy is normal in any relationship, especially in the beginning. But not allowing your man to have female friends? Kim, you've got it alllllll wrong. You have to MEET the girlfriends. Every ... single ... one. How are you supposed to know which ones to keep an eye on otherwise? And do you really think your little ban will take? Maybe Kanye won't go out clubbing with his gal pals (if he actually has them), BUT he is still going to email, text, and call them. You need to know their names! Their numbers! Their addresses! You know what they say, Kim. Keep your friends close, and your boyfriend's female friends closer.

Also, it's just impossible to keep tabs on your man 24/7. Maybe Rihanna doesn't make it backstage this time, but you can be sure someday, some way, somewhere, and somehow, that little minx will get backstage. Meet her now! Give her the stinko eye while you have a chance! I can't believe I need to learn ya like this, Kim.

Lastly, insecurity is not pretty. Your attitude should be, "Hang out with Rihanna, go 'head! She's got nothing on me." You know what they say: "If you love someone, set him free." And, "Hold on loosely." They don't say: "If you love someone, hold onto him like he's the last lifeboat on the Titanic and you've got a bag of rocks tied around your ankles."

I'm here if you need more advice, Kim.

Do you allow your boyfriend to have female friends?


Image via Hollywood_PR/ Flickr

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