Kristen Stewart Sexes It Up for Robert Pattinson in Cleavage-Baring Gown

kristen stewartGeez! Was Kristen Stewart trying to prove some sort of a point on the red carpet in Cannes for Robert Pattinson's new movie, Cosmopolis, or what?! While her fashion choices tend to be hit or miss, she definitely came out on top in this stunning red gown. I mean, I've never really thought of her as sexy, but in this particular dress? Yeah, she's pretty much oozing with raw attractiveness.

Whenever I think Kristen Stewart, I immediately picture her Twilight character, Bella Swan, looking all pale, skinny, and slightly unkempt in a pair of jeans and Converse sneakers. Who knew that Kristen cleaned up so well -- and actually has the potential to look like a lady? It's like she decided to turn over a new leaf at this event to prove to the world that she isn't just some lanky high school girl running through the forest lusting after a guy who sparkles in the sunlight.


With this look, she really appears to be coming into her own as a serious actress -- and most definitely, an adult.

And while the front of her dress certainly has the "wow" factor going on, the detail on the back can't be ignored either.

kristen stewart

Hmm. Doesn't she sort of remind you of Kate Middleton from this angle? Remember the turquoise blue dress with the sheer back that the Duchess recently wore to dinner at the Royal Albert Hall in London?

Whether she was going for a more mature look or not, Kristen really ought to think about dressing like the A-lister she is a little more often. The whole Hollywood glamour thing suits her way better than grunge, don't you think?

Do you think this dress was a bit too over-the-top for Kristen, or just right?


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