Justin Bieber's Paparazzo 'Assault' Shows the Twisted Side of Celebrity Obsession

Did you hear about the craziness with Justin Bieber that went down over the weekend? Apparently a paparazzo got a little too close to Bieber and his girlfriend Selena Gomez on Sunday, and when the photographer blocked Bieber's car, some sort of scuffle ensued. It's hard to know exactly what happened (although we have definitive proof that Bieber provided a robust middle finger salute after the incident), but the photographer ended up calling 911 and complaining of chest pains.

Yeah. Chest pains. Probably from the overexcitement caused by imagining his newfound wealth after suing the crap out of Bieber. While Bieber should have known better than to get into any kind of physical altercation, paparazzi harassment is one area where celebrities just can't win.


The photographer was taken to a local hospital by ambulance and released a short time later (just a theory, but I'm guessing he was released so quickly because he was PERFECTLY FINE), but he naturally went ahead and filed a police report. Cops are looking into the incident as a misdemeanor battery case and want to speak to Bieber, Gomez, and other witnesses.

Call me crazy, but I'm guessing one of the "witnesses" will be the lawyer who TMZ says approached the photographer after the scuffle and encouraged him to pursue a case against Bieber—because, according to the legal eagle, he could get "a lot of money." This stand-up lawyer is reportedly the one who told the pap to call an ambulance and go ahead with the police report.

The whole thing is just gross, don't you think? I mean, yeah, whatever actually went down, Bieber clearly should have kept his distance instead of putting himself in this position, but who knows how obnoxious that photographer was being. We've all seen how crazy and stalker-ish those guys can be, because it's all about money—those "candid" celebrity images sell for top dollar, and most tabloid photographers will do whatever it takes to get the image.

The concept of overly intrusive paparazzi is hardly new (Princess Diana, anyone?), but even without knowing the full story, I feel for Bieber's predicament. After likely being pushed too far by the cameraman, he's now involved in a ridiculous police investigation and I'm sure there's a lawsuit on the way. Some might say it's the price of fame, but when tabloids put the highest value on gossip-worthy images and celebrities are viewed as walking ATMs, it's very hard to sympathize with the plight of the "assaulted" photographer in this story.

What do you think about this story? Team Bieber, or Team Random Paparazzo Guy?

Image via Justin Bieber

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