'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Recap: Kim Kardashian Wigs Out About Divorce

Kim KardashianWell, at least we saw some sort of reaction from Kim Kardashian about her divorce from Kris Humphries tonight on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. However, instead of wallowing or doing any major soul searching, she instead decided to don a bunch of wigs and coordinating personas. 

"My divorce has been really draining, really stressful," Kim said. "I just want to leave this chapter of my life behind me."

Khloe told her she needed to lighten up and do something fun to take her mind off of the divorce. "Don't dwell on this. We have amazing lives, so let's go enjoy it and have fun. Who cares!" So Kim's interpretation of that was to go wig shopping.

She wore a series of four. Let's take a look at each shall we:


Wig #1 -- Southern Style: Long and blonde, Kim channeled the southern belle she said she's always wanted to be. She actually looked pretty good in it, but her accent was beyond annoying. "Oh honey boo child ..."

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Wig #2 -- Sexy Spy: The red was bright and garish, and she terrified poor, sweet little Mason Disick while she was wearing it. Again, however, the accent -- a bizarre whisper that I think was supposed to be sexy but was anything but -- was much more offensive than the wig.

Wig #3 -- Channeling Kris Jenner: She actually looked the best in this wig, because the hair color complemented her skin color, and she definitely has the bone structure to pull it off. Her imitation of her mom, however, was insanely irritating ... which means she pegged Jenner pretty well.

Wig #4 -- Britney: This one was just a shorter blonde 'do with bangs, and it didn't look that bad. She didn't do much acting in it (thankfully), as this was when her wig gig was up and she finally revealed to her family -- who pretty much thought she was losing her mind -- why she was doing it. "I just feel like the drama and role playing helped me get out of my funk," she said.

Well, good then. I guess for a marriage that lasts only 72 days, maybe that's all one needs to get over it.

Which wig/persona did you like Kim best in? What did you think of her acting abilities?


Image via E! Online

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