Prince William Shouldn't Worry About Cheating on Kate

Ah, the life of a prince. You live in castles. You have riches beyond belief. You can also choose any lassie in the land to marry. Provided your family approves of her, of course. But there's some downside, too. Paparazzi follow you everywhere. And, oh yeah, there's huuuuuuuge pressure that your marriage succeed because, well, your parents' marriage failed miserably and everyone looks to you and your new wife to be different. Oh, the pressure. And Prince William was apparently feeling it because a biographer says that Wills was so worried that he might cheat on his girlfriend, Kate, that he was reluctant to get married.


Penny Junor, who wrote the upcoming book Prince William: The Man Who Will Be King, says the monarch "had very real worries about whether it was possible to love one woman." She also reveals that his parents' marriage, and its disastrous and tragic chain of events that started with Prince Charles cheating on his mother, Diana, and culminated with her death in a car crash, haunts him. Not to mention that Diana went all over the media making her extreme displeasure with her husband known.

Apparently the prince was so terrified of marriage that Kate broke it off with him in 2007 because she "had always wanted rather more commitment than he was prepared to give." Call me cynical, but this all sounds rather normal for a guy in his 20s, prince or no. But especially for a man who knows that divorce isn't quite the option that it is for everyone else. While royals -- including William's father -- are granted divorces, the people of Britian, who still pick up the tab, are counting on William and Kate making their marriage fairy tale come true. And who can blame them given the amount of public funds spent on the shindig?

But, behind the crowns and robes, you've just got two regular people. And 30 or 40 years of sleeping with only one person is a daunting task for princes and paupers alike. And gone are the days when a king could cheat with impunity. Unless Kate gives him permission to cheat -- and it doesn't sound like she's that kind of gal -- he's going to have to suck it up and start reading articles on keeping his marriage spicy just like us common folk.

Do you think William will cheat on Kate?


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