'Sister Wives' Recap: Robyn Tells Kody He 'Better Not' Do This (VIDEO)

robyn and christineWell! Even Robyn of the Perpetually Sunny Plural Wife Outlook has her limits, or so we found out on last night's episode of Sister Wives. And here we thought Christine was the green-eyed monstress of the group!

Which she is -- don't get me wrong. In fact, Christine even 'fessed up to the all-consuming jealousy that's been eating her alive since Robyn joined the Brown family as wife #4 during a heart-to-heart lunch with her "rival," calling herself "soooo jealous."

No kidding, for realz?!

Seriously though, she really did open up. I was shocked, actually, by her honesty ...


Said Christine:

“A new wife coming into a plural family always shakes things up a little bit and I’d never experienced a new wife coming into the family. I was the last wife for 16 years. I really didn’t think I’d get jealous. I’d always been a very secure person and secure in my relationship with Kody. I didn’t anything would rock that boat but it’s still hard even two and a half years after Robyn came into this marriage.”

Then she told Robyn:

“It wasn’t you I had a hard time with. It was Kody. I just felt left.”

Aww. That sucks. What sucks more, however, is the fact that Christine seems to blame HERSELF for Kody's distance, saying he  “left because I became jealous and it changed our relationship."

Um, no! No, Christine. He "left" because he was busy with his shiny new Robyn and you were bumming his newlywed trip.

But hey, you didn't mind hanging out at home nursing your (newborn) 6th child with Kody while he took Robyn on a two-week honeymoon, didja?

Anyway, Robyn's initial response was no shocker -- one of her usual quivering lower lip monologues:

“Things have been a little rocky between Christine and me because she’s perceived that maybe me coming in threw off her marriage to Kody ... I’ve had a hard time dealing with their struggle with me. It was hard for me not to take it personally, like they didn’t like me.”

But the part that was kind of shocking was when Robyn put her foot down about adding more wives to the mix, warning Kody:

“You better not be interested in a fifth wife.”

Oh really, Robyn? Seems like you've changed your tune a bit now that you've been an official Brown for a bit ...

Do you think Kody will add a 5th wife?!

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