Justin Bieber Brawls with Photographer As Selena Gomez Watches

justin bieberWhen you think about a star getting all fisty with the paparazzi, you think Sean Penn, Alec Baldwin, or ... Justin Bieber?! Yeah, believe it or not, The Biebs is wanted for questioning by police after a scuffle sent a photographer to the hospital with chest pain. It all started when Biebs and his steady, Selena Gomez, were trying to leisurely spend some time at a Los Angeles shopping center. Wanting to get a picture of the pair, the pap blocked Biebs from getting in his car. Supposedly a slapdown ensued as Selena desperately tried to make peace. The pap called 911 and cops arrived, but only after Biebs and his babe left the scene.


Let's see here ... Biebs probably weighs 100 pounds dripping wet. Could he really have smacked a pap so hard that it caused the guy chest pain? Or was the pap's chest pain due to the stress of being a jerkaholic paparazzo or maybe even whatever he had for dinner? Orrrr is the pap overreacting, hoping for a payday? Orrr was the pap hoping for an enraged Bieber in his photos, which would score him a higher sell price?

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Surely by now Biebs must be familiar with Los Angeles' laws regarding what celebs can and can't do when being photographed. And photographers are equally as familiar with how close they can get to a celebrity before they're considered to be a danger or harassing. So, I'm smelling something here ... and it's the smell of a shady pap.

Then again, maybe Biebs just felt like a rumble since he'd been training with boxer Mike Tyson a few days before. Can't blame a guy for wanting to practice throwing fisticuffs, just in case he needs to use them on an obnoxious pap who won't let him in his car.

Do you think Justin Bieber hit a paparazzo?


Image via iloveJB123/ Flickr

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