Beyonce's Return From Maternity Leave Is No 'Comeback' (VIDEO)

Beyonce Knowles' much-anticipated return from maternity leave over Memorial Day weekend had her back in top shape as she talked 60 pounds of weight loss and even paid tribute to Whitney Houston with a performance of "I Will Always Love You." Houston died soon after Knowles gave birth to her first child Blue Ivy Carter and Beyonce had not yet been able to pay her respects.

After taking four months to recover and focus on her family, Knowles hit the stage with her moving tribute and also discussed how she used the treadmill and "lettuce" to shed nearly all of her 60 pound weight gain. She is an inspiration to all moms in terms of how quickly she was able to bounce back and how hard she worked to do so.

See her performance below:


She's still got it, right? Beyonce may be a mom now and her priorities may have shifted, but that does not make her any less invested in show business and in what she does.

She has some catching up to do both physically and in every other way, but this is no "comeback" and anyone calling it that needs to take a reality check. She was always here. She was just spending time with her family and rethinking her priorities.

Beyonce's return from maternity leave is an inspiration for all the moms who watch her.

For many of us, it seems like celebs drop that baby weight so fast, it can be depressing. Why can't we do it? Well Beyonce threw "real moms" a bone by explaining just how hard it was. Even more she said this: "Tonight I'm gonna get chocolate wasted!" Ha. Indeed, she should.

She looks great, she feels great, and she is back. Calling it a comeback is just insulting. She never went anywhere. She just adjusted to her new life and now she is back in her rightful spot and better than ever. She also looks amazing.

Maybe we don't all have that kind of pressure to look great so quickly, but her honesty is inspiring. It's not easy and it's a huge sacrifice, but we can do it. We can be moms AND have our careers AND look good.

Welcome back, Beyonce! You are an (thin)spiration for moms everywhere.

Are you glad Beyonce is back?


Image via Beyhive1D/YouTube

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