'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Recap: Kourtney's Grudge Against Kris Jenner Gets Ugly

Kourtney KardashianWow, those Kardashians move quickly. In just one hour of Keeping Up With the Kardashians tonight, we saw Kendall Jenner overcome her shyness, Kim Kardashian get over her terror of spiders, and Kourtney Kardashian come to (sort of ) accept her mother's past sins.  So why did it feel like a bunch of nothing happened?

Probably because none of the big issues at hand were covered. Sure it was hilarious to see Bruce Jenner throw a spider on Kim; and the prank when she pretended to steal her Ferrari after he drove it was pretty funny. But what we really want to know is what happened with Kris Humphries. Seeing Kim get over her fear of spiders is one thing, but we want to see how she's getting over the Humps (if there was anything to even get over).


Instead the big drama of the night was between Kourtney and Kris Jenner. Seems like we're not getting any answers as to who Khloe's real father is, so it was time to focus on Kourtney's resentment over her mother's affair, which Jenner wrote about in her memoir. It's old news, but Kourtney kept digging at her mother and making rude comments, telling her she's embarrassing and has "no shame in her game".

As true as that may be, the affair happened more than 20 years ago, and there's not much Jenner can do about it now. It's really time to just let it go, but Kourtney didn't seem able to do so, at first anyway.

Her therapist suggested that some of her anger toward her mother could be due to the fact that Kourtney is soon going to have her own daughter, and those mother-daughter relationships can be fraught with so much tension. That sounds about right to me, and I can only imagine what having such an overbearing, controlling mother like Kris Jenner would be like, especially when she thrusts herself so shamelessly into the spotlight.

Kris should have never put her affair out there in a memoir, and doing so has come with a pretty high price. Last week we saw the complete mental anguish Khloe Kardashian has gone through because of allegations that Robert Kardashian might not be her "real" father. I hope Kris thinks it was worth it.

In the end, Kourtney seemed to have a big breakthrough in therapy and shared her feelings with Kris, who was pleased with that step at least.

I had no idea that something from my behavior in the past would have such a profound effect on Kourtney today. But the fact that she's doing something about it and opening up to me is pretty fabulous.

Fabulous indeed, now if she could stop knocking Mason Disick's duds that might help their relationship even more. The little dude looked adorable in pink!

Do you think Kourtney is just in being angry at Kris Jenner about something that happened so long ago?


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