'Chernobyl Diaries' Makes a Mockery of Tragic Nuclear Disaster (VIDEO)

chernobyl diaries

How often does a horror movie pose a moral dilemna? Not very, but Chernobyl Diaries manages to do just that.

You can guess the plot: Young (attractive) thrill-seeking Americans take a trip to the site of the worst nuclear power plant accident in history. What could go wrong? Some sort of terrifying radioactive creatures could kill them, maybe, but other than that? Not much.

It's the most obvious scary movie idea ever -- to the point where my first thought after watching the trailer was, "Wow, why hasn't this been done already?"

But the answer is pretty damn clear ...


Because the Chernobyl disaster was a real, horrible, ruinous event that actually happened in our lifetime (or mine, anyway -- if you were born after 1986 I guess you get a pass). Lives were destroyed. People in the Ukraine and Belarus are STILL suffering physically, mentally, emotionally, financially ... isn't it kind of tasteless and offensive to turn their ongoing tragedy into a schlocky horror flick?

Granted, I haven't actually seen the entire movie, so I could be totally wrong here ... maybe there's some kind of ethical resolution at the end that teaches an important lesson about humanity and war and nuclear weapons.

But I really, really doubt it. Check this out:

Have you seen Chernobyl Diaries? Do you think it's offensive?

Image via hollywoodstreams/YouTube

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