Amber Portwood's Shocking Addiction Might Not Be Her Fault After All

amber portwoodWhoa. Amber Portwood is so much worse off than any of us realized. But at least SHE realizes it, apparently.

According to TMZ, the Teen Mom star's drug problem is so severe that "Amber believes prison is the only way to get clean because it will force her to kick the addiction cold turkey."

It's no surprise that Portwood has been battling a drug problem, but you might be surprised to hear which drug:

Sources told TMZ that "immediately following the reality TV star's incarceration, her last drug test came back positive for the opiate-based drug Suboxone ... a highly addictive drug similar to Morphine."

Yikes. Serious, but also super sad. Because here's the thing about Suboxone ...


The fact that Portwood is addicted to Suboxone most likely means that she WAS legitimately trying to get over another addiction.

Suboxone is a prescription drug used to help people detox from dependency on opiates (including painkillers such as morphine, oxycontin, vicodin and percoset). Suboxone works by blocking opiate receptors in the brain (so if you're taking suboxone, your usual drug of choice wouldn't get you high).

The problem, unfortunately, is that Suboxone is highly addictive all on its own -- and, as such, has become yet another prescription drug to sell for big bucks on the street.

This latest revelation just adds yet another layer of tragedy to Portwood's downward spiral. It seems so incredibly unfair, doesn't it? She tried to do the right thing and ended up more screwed up.

No wonder she thinks jail is the only answer.

Do you think Amber Portwood was trying to get clean when she got addicted to Suboxone?


Image via Madison County Police

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