10 Patriotic Movies to Make You Thankful on Memorial Day

patriotic movies memorial dayIt's time to kick back and enjoy the Memorial Day weekend everybody. And while that usually means heading to the beach, lake, or your neighbor's backyard, it's possible those outdoor plans might take a backseat to the weather.

Which is great! It will give you time to actually ponder the meaning of the weekend and give thanks to the men and women who serve our great country. Why not get yourself in the patriotic mood by firing up your DVD player, Netflix account, or whatever it is you kids do today to watch movies.

Here are 10 fantastic patriotic flicks to get your holiday weekend off to an All-American start.



Does it get any more rah-rah American military tough guy than Patton? Chronicling the infamous General's career culminating in the great war -- World War II -- we truly understand that it's men that fight wars, not countries in this classic.


Another side of the Civil War, Glory explores the all-black unit of the Union Army and makes us realize what was truly at stake when our nation was almost ripped apart.

Saving Private Ryan

If you watched Saving Private Ryan with dry eyes, you may have a hydration issue. The interior lives of men charged with rescuing the last living brother on the battlefield gives us an intense and emotional look at soldiers making the ultimate sacrifice.

Red Dawn

With or without a remake, everyone over the age of 30 still gets a thrill when you hear the cry of, "Wolverines!" This pro-America, anti-commie teen kickass film probably made more than one 18-year-old enlist in the military as soon as the credits rolled.

The Best Years of Our Lives

For the first time, this 1946 Oscar winner explored what happens after the war is won. The oftentimes painful story of three men returning to their home town and trying to fit into their lives, while carrying an unbearable weight, and scars that won't ever heal.

Apollo 13

Sometimes brave Americans aren't fighting on the battlefield, but exploring space and risking their lives in the pursuit of knowledge, and our country's reputation. This true mission to the moon story has it all -- danger, valor, and good looking dudes.

The Manchurian Candidate

If you dig the idea of conspiracies at the highest level, and hate communists, you'll love the original Manchurian Candidate starring Frank Sinatra and a truly evil Angela Lansbury.

Born on the 4th of July

Sure you'll enjoy Tom Cruise more in Rock of Ages at the theater. But this is one of his most impressive roles of his career, as Cruise gives us a complicated look at what it means to serve your country as wounded Vietnam veteran, Ron Kovic.

The Patriot

Arguably the best Revolutionary War movie ever made, Mel Gibson stars as a man who wants to avoid the war but cannot ignore it as it becomes personal.

The Hurt Locker

Watching a war that is still waging is the best way to be reminded of how much our military men and women risk every day. This Oscar winning portrayal of the mentality of the modern warrior is intense, and makes you glad there are people willing to risk life and limb for the rest of us at home. And how much that costs them, when the war is over.

What's your favorite patriotic movie?

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