Jenelle Evans Denies Pregnancy Rumors by Turning Up the Drama

jenelle evansIt's only been a couple of days since rumors hit the web that Teen Mom Jenelle Evans is pregnant again. Given her recent weight gain and the rushed engagement to ex-BF Gary Head, it just didn't seem completely out of the question. But apparently, the gossip is so wrong, and Jenelle is threatening to go to extremes to prove it.

She tweeted, "Maybe if I stop eating for a week my Fiance would love me and I wouldnt be so far sore tabloids can stop saying I'm pregnant."

Uh ... totally not understanding how Gary loving her for not eating works and not following the second part, either. ("So far sore tabloids"? Oh, dear, how Teen Mom + Twitter = death of English language ...) But I guess her point was that she's willing to pull a crazy stunt like starving herself just to prove to the gossip media that she's not preggers. Oh yeah, sounds like a grrrreat idea!


She went on to clarify:

I'm not pregnant. I gained weight from my surgery and now all that extra weight is gone. I have birth control in my arm it's called Implanon.

Okay, fair enough. And sure, now we know her side of the story, but I can't help but think she's just feeding the fame monster (to borrow a term from Gaga).

Maybe Jenelle hasn't realized this consciously yet, but gossip regarding hook-ups, break-ups, and pregnancy are never going to get old. So a reality star's key to stretching her 15 minutes out for as looong as possible is milking any of those rumors. Even if it's through public denial.

But it's not like any of this is news to Teen Mom fans and followers. Especially when it comes to Jenelle, who is known for being a total drama queen. These empty threats to stop eating are just going to drum up more gossip and attention, and she knows it! And come on, we all know she loves it. So let's not be too worried about her being at any real risk of starving herself or promoting an eating disorder. This is nothing more than another (cough slightly desperate) play for the spotlight.  

Do you think Jenelle knows exactly what she's doing by posting an empty threat like this on Twitter?


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