Anderson Cooper Boots ‘Dreadful’ Human Barbie & Hopefully Sets a Talk Show Trend (VIDEO)

Anderson CooperEven Anderson Cooper, known for his hard journalism and occasional bouts of on-air giggling, can only take but so much foolishness, as demonstrated yesterday when he had Sarah Burge on his show. You remember: she’s the self-proclaimed “Human Barbie” who holds the lofty world record for having the most plastic surgeries and the crazy lady who gave her then seven-year-old daughter vouchers for breast implants.

(Like any good mom who trains her child to think her body isn’t perfectly fine just the way it is and shudders at the thought of her baby going under the knife, Burge stipulated that the vouchers were not to be used until her daughter turned 18. Take that critics.)

Then she admitted that she helped her other daughter get Botox because she didn’t want to sweat. That’s when Anderson had stood all he could stand and clearly couldn’t stand no more, and kindly dismissed her from the stage


I love when he gets all take charge. Go Andy!

Before he handed her her hindparts in a tea cup, calling her “dreadful” and admitting backstage that he regretted the way things ended and even having her on the show in the first place, Burge was a study in psychological instability and selective sterilization. “Beyonce doesn’t sweat,” she reasoned as an excuse why she helped her 15-year-old, who Burge says is a professional dancer, get injections in her forehead. The heck?!

First of all, she clearly doesn’t know her Bey, who has beads of perspiration forming on her face from the time she hits the stage until she shimmies back off. It’s not a bad thing—it’s a realistic thing. Secondly, who even thinks about pumping their kid full of chemicals to prevent a bodily function that, in the context of exercise, is a sign that her glands and pores and everything else are working the way they’re supposed to? I wonder if the child also dissuaded from peeing, pooping, and spitting. Criminey. 

Burge took to Twitter—doesn’t everybody? Twitter is like the global venting place for disgruntled people—to give Anderson a little cyber sass: "Thank you America for your emails yes Anderson did make himself look an ass he has a big mouth for a LITTLE man." Whatever. He’s famous because he’s a credible journalist and you’re famous because your 51-year-old face is scheduled for implosion in 5, 4, 3…

Anderson’s chutzpah does set a nice precedent for talk show hosts who have robbed their viewers and audience members of precious moments of time by interviewing people who need to get the Sarah Burge treatment.

If you were a talk show host, who would you like to invite on as a guest just so you could have the pleasure of kicking them off?  

Image via samethreechords/Flickr

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