Kim Kardashian Wears Gwyneth Paltrow’s Dress -- But Who Looks Better? (PHOTOS)

kim and gwyneth

Let's take a moment out of our day here and look at some beautiful people in gorgeous dresses. Kim Kardashian was in Cannes on P. Diddy's boat celebrating being rich and famous and wore this hot little Pucci number. As if the giant side-by-side photo wasn't enough, you might recognize the dress as the exact one Gwyneth Paltrow wore to the Emmys earlier this year. Naturally, let's over-analyze this and talk about it as if we really don't care that much, even though we really, really do. It's a "who wore it better" face-off of epic proportions.


First of all, the dress itself is amazing. I know not many people liked it when Gwen first wore it, but I fell in love. Black, midriff exposing lace? Sold.

Operating under the assumption that everyone loves the gown as much as I do, let's dissect.

Kim certainly fills it out more. This thing fits her like a glove. The dress allows Kim's curves to take center stage and it really looks like Kim's wearing the dress; the dress is certainly not wearing Kim.

Then there's Gwyneth. I love how it's shorter on her and shows more of her stomach. She looks glamours and lithe, as usual, and her yellow hair really pops against the black. Plus, Gwyneth looks really comfortable, like she could run miles in that thing, no sweat.

Conclusion? Toss up. No! Ok. Um, Kim looks better? I can't really tell. Kim by a hair. I like that she looks like she was born to wear that dress -- Gwen looks like she was asked to wear that dress.

So -- who do YOU think wore it better?

Photos via Splash News

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