Sharon Stone's Nanny Sues Her for Being Racist & Harassing

sharon stoneSometimes you have to wonder why celebrities bother to hire help, as they are constantly getting sued by their former employees. The latest comes from Sharon Stone's nanny, who was hired to help Stone with her three sons. The nanny, Erlinda Elemen, started out as the "backup nanny" and then was promoted to the "head nanny." Wow, can you believe celeb moms have a backup and head nanny? Must be great to have all of that help. Except the help has a way of turning around and suing -- at least if you're famous.

Anyway, Elemen is claiming that Stone treated her like garbage, basically. Let's go down the list of bizarre complaints the nanny has ...


According to Elemen's lawsuit, Stone didn't like Filipinos, which is odd, because she hired Elemen, and then promoted her, and Elemen is, well, Filipino! But this, apparently, didn't stop Stone from making derogatory comments about Filipinos and calling them "stupid."

But there's more, folks. Stone also allegedly made fun of the nanny's accent and told the nanny not to speak to her children, because she didn't want the children to end up talking like the nanny. Are you buying this? Why would any woman in her right mind hire a nanny, pay her a good wage, and then tell her not to speak to the kids, effectively cancelling out her job? Makes no sense.

Oh, and it gets better. Stone apparently refused to let the nanny keep a Bible in the house, so she could pray. I guess I'd have to pray too if someone was treating me like this. And I'd have to pray that a judge would believe any of it, especially when I don't file the lawsuit alleging harassment until a year and a half after everything happened.

I don't know. Stone may not be everyone's favorite, but she's a highly-respected activist on behalf of people with AIDS, and disadvantaged children. I just don't see her being racist. My b.s. detector is going off like a car alarm at midnight.

Do you think Sharon Stone harassed her nanny?


Image via Raoul Luoar/ Flickr

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