'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout & Ryan Edwards Belong Together

In just a couple short weeks, Teen Mom will be back again with Ryan Edwards and Maci Bookout and all the old gang for one last season of the hit MTV reality show. But it seems if we were hoping to see a Maci and Ryan reunion, we are going to have to keep on holding our breath.

It seems Ryan is back with his girlfriend Dalis Connell. What a shame, too. I was hoping Maci and Ryan might get back together. 

OK, I know. He can come off as a jerk on the show. But I always got the sense that underneath it all, he was kind of a decent dude. He always had a twinkle in his eye when Maci was around and he seemed jealous of her serious relationship with Kyle (back when that was a "thing"). Besides, they are both just hot.


OK, OK. So it's more than that, too. They have a baby boy together. And they both seem dedicated to him. There was always chemistry between the two of them that simply can't be denied.

Of course he has been immature, but some people just grow up a little slower. I have never doubted that he is devoted to his child and, in many ways, still enamored and flirtatious with the mother of his child.

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I am sure little Bentley would be happy if his parents were together and happy. Why wouldn't he be? The two people he loves most together again?

Somehow it just always seemed like we were headed that way. Since Ryan and his girlfriend appear so on and off, maybe it can still happen. But now we know it won't happen while Teen Mom is still filming so all of us nosy voyeurs won't get to see it.

Maybe that is just as well, anyway. If Maci and Ryan every did get back together, privacy and quiet family time would probably do them well.

Do you think Ryan and Maci will ever get back together?


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