Robert Pattinson Looked So Lonely He Could Die & It's All Kristen Stewart's Fault

robert pattinsonAs if we didn't already know Robert Pattinson is the best boyfriend ever!

He totally braved the red carpet all by his lonesome at the Cannes premiere of On the Road -- starring Kristen Stewart, of course.

But the sweepingly romantic gesture didn't end there. RPattz went out of his way to NOT steal the spotlight from KStew, even hanging back in the shadows while his lady fair linked arms and snapped pics with hottie co-stars Tom Sturridge, Garret Hedlund and Viggo Mortensen.

Awww. Poor RPattz! Not that he has anything to worry about, naturally. No reason for Robert Effin' Pattinson to feel insecure! I mean, KStew would have to be out of her mind to even LOOK at another man. Like, legit insane.

Still ... he does look kinda sorta sad ...


I wonder what's going through his head in this pic.

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Maybe he's getting all anxious about having to watch his topless girlfriend having all kinds of kinky sex with other dudes on the big screen.

Maybe he's wondering if all that pillow-shredding can compare to the loose, swinging, stream-of-consciousness-style sex of On the Road.

Hmm. Honestly, if I was forced to choose between Jack Kerouac and Edward Cullen?

That's a tough one.

(Why not go with both and have a threesome like KStew in On the Road? Ouch, probably another uncomfortable scene for RPattz.)

Hopefully Kristen Stewart made it up to her man later on that evening, that's all I have to say. Although I suppose she'll have her turn when she's forced to sit through Bel Ami ...

Do you think Robert Pattinson was sad and lonesome at the premiere of On the Road?


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