Kelly Clarkson Is Happy in Love -- There Goes the Next Best Breakup Anthem

There's nothing like breaking up with a guy and then cranking one of Kelly Clarkson's strong-grrl anthems and belting out the lyrics to "Stronger" or "Since U Been Gone." Yeah! But, in the future, Kelly may be more the soundtrack of your weepy puppy love moments than your hold-your-head-up-high and get-ridda-that-man times.

Says Kelly, who has been dating Brandon Blackstock for about six months:

I'm trying to write a tough song and it is coming out like butterflies and rainbows ... I'm writing this happy stuff.

Yeesh. This doesn't sound like "Because of You," Kelly.


I mean, what are we ladies supposed to pump our fists to on the dance floor when we go out for girls night out, drink too many margaritas, and tell everyone who will listen that we don't need men?

Of course, Kelly is very talented. We know she can write happy, peppy, cheerleader-y songs. Sure she can. But we have Katy Perry for that. Kelly is the girl we turn to when all else is lost and we want to drink a glass of wine, get misty-eyed, and sing to "Already Gone." At the very least we want to run really hard on the treadmill to "Miss Independence." You know?!

Yeah, we want Kelly to be happy, of course. I mean, sure we do. Don't we? We can't expect her to be miserable just for our listening pleasure, right? Right. Anyway, Kelly, whose new show, Duets, debuts tomorrow, also credits her boyfriend with her new dedication to working out, saying that "no one likes to not be toned when you're dating someone."

Hm. Maybe Kelly will get all cranky from working out too much and start writing angry songs again. Yeah!

Do you think Kelly's newfound happiness will ruin her songwriting skills?

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