Sex Kitten Courtney Stodden Coughs Up a Hairball & Plays in Litter (VIDEO)

Courtney Stodden in Courtney Stodden. Any time I see her name pop up on the Interwebs, I just have to see what she's up to. Literally, I'm SERIOUSLY incapable of ignoring it. It's sad, for sure, but her life is just a train wreck that I can't help but adore watching play out via photos of her playing in pumpkin patches and frolicking to church (all half naked, obvz).

Wait for it, though. Because her feisty new video entitled "Hello Courtney" takes the whole damn cake ... or should I say kitty litter? Mhm. Courtney Stodden. As a cat. Mimicking Hello Kitty. Playing in a litter box. Climbing trees. SPITTING UP A FUR BALL. All caught on video. Oh and so you know, it already has almost 350,000 views. 

I'm SO happy I'm not joking. Ready, set, meeeowwwwwwww.



You know what makes me cringe a little bit? Thinking of her husband Doug Hutchison filming her doing all of these things and not for a moment thinking that it's absolutely obscene. How can she be so serious here?! I mean, I'm not trying to throw out any ridiculous accusations, but you mean to tell me she's filming these things sober?! Without meds? And thinks it looks sexy!?

I really have no other words. For now, I'm just gonna take a shower. Heck ... after watching that, maybe I should just go to church.

What do you think of Courtney's newest video?

Image via CourtneyStodden/YouTube

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