Kristen Stewart's Sexy 'On the Road' Clip Makes Us Forget Bella Swan (VIDEO)

kristen stewart as marylou in on the roadWith Cannes in full swing, tongues are wagging about all the exciting flicks premiering and competing at the film fest. One of the main attention-grabbers so far is director Walter Salles' On the Road, based on the classic Jack Kerouac novel and starring none other than Twi-Hards' beloved Kristen Stewart!

KStew's been getting serious buzz for her performance in the flick, and now that a new On the Road clip has hit the web, it's obvious why.


Known best for playing a teen who is celibate until she marries a vampire, KStew's begun a totally new chapter of her career with her role in On the Road. She plays Marylou, labeled a "sexually loose free spirit." Uh ... in other words, 180 degrees from Bella Swan?! Sure, by the time Bella and Edward are honeymooning in Breaking Dawn: Part 1, Bella has loosened up a bit, and maybe she could be called a "free spirit" for having an extremely unconventional romance ... But for the most part, Marylou sounds like a total departure for KStew.

In the brand new clip MTV News just debuted, the scene opens with Marylou attempting to pleasure Sal Paradise (played by Sam Riley) with one hand while she drives with the other.  If you blink, you'll miss it, but still -- whoa. She then goes on to wish for a house, a baby, "you know, something normal." (Hmm. Wonder if Marylou would envy Bella's life? Err, well, never mind -- it's not exactly "normal," huh?) Check it out:


Well, I for one definitely want to know what Dean's "great idea" is now!

Seems like KStew is making a major statement by playing Marylou. She's letting Hollywood know she's ready and able to take on more adult roles in films that aren't exactly aimed at tweens and teens. Risk or not, I have a distinct feeling she'll be lauded for it.

How do you feel about this new clip? Are you looking forward to the next chapter of KStew's career?


Image via MTV

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