Kate Gosselin’s Reality Show Ambition Means She Needs a Reality Check

kate gosselinKate Gosselin is in a bit of a tough spot. The reality show star and mom to the cutest sextuplets and twins ever can't seem to find work. Ever since TLC canceled Kate Plus 8, Ms. Gosselin's been on the hunt to find a new network to call home. Thing is, no one really wants her. The WE network says they're not interested, same with Oxygen and Lifetime. It's gotta be hard; one minute you're a tabloid staple, the next you can't even get a meeting. I almost feel sorry for her. Almost.


As much as I adore those little rug rats of hers, who are turning EIGHT, by the way, I kinda have the impression that Kate's not really in touch with reality right now. Her show was a hit when she and Jon were going through the divorce -- over 10 million people were tuning in to watch the drama -- but once things calmed down and it was just Kate and the kids, only about 1 million returned to watch.

Point is, Kate's gotta see those cold, hard facts and realize that her TV time might be up. Why would any network take on the same show after it's been declared dead in the water? She's swimming upstream here, and she needs to get a grip. Yeah, fans love the kids, but just, there's not enough of them out there to warrant a show. And let's be honest, maybe not airing your family's life on TV could be a good thing.

I assume Kate's searching for a network show because she needs the money, but there's gotta be other profitable avenues she can explore. Seems like she and her kids would be the perfect "celeb designers" to work with Kmart or Target on a line of kids and tween clothing. Just saying.

The last thing we want, though, is for Kate to get desperate. She doesn't need to sell her soul to some TV exec just to get a film crew in her house. I'd hate to see her get so reckless that she pitches a Hunger Games reality show in which she and her kids live in the woods and fight each other to the DEATH. Not cool, Gosselin, not cool.

Would you watch if Kate and her kids got a new TV show, or are you over them?


Photo via TLC.com

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